Question #1. How come so cheap?

Answer. This is a question that often comes up. The answer is simply "we don't have the ridiculous overhead as most shops".

Question #2. What's wrong with it?

Answer: We DON'T sell cars that have something wrong with it! All of our cars are fully serviced and ready to go BEFORE the sale!

Question #3. Does it have a clean title?

Answer: Yes. All of our cars have a clean title.

Question #4. Why the name Ruby Street Motors?

Answer: We opened in 1997 and started our business on Ruby and Sharp. When we moved to our current location we retained our current name because we had a good name and reputation.

Question #5. You don't have alot of inventory. Why?

Answer: Our answer to that is we have the RIGHT inventory. All of our cars are handpicked. We don't have the most but we have the best at the right price!